31 Days to an Organized Home: It's Sys-to-matic #2

Using a System: Files

I decided to roll with this system idea!  So for the rest of the week I’ll be sharing different ways to system-ize your home!  
Today? Files!
If you don’t have a filing system, go get one!  It can be as simple as an accordion style folder to built in drawers…just get one!  Not only will it keep you organized, but it can keep you safe.  Identity wise that is.  This is where all of your important documents go.  This is where you keep statements, bills, and/or things you need to keep for more than a year!  
Mine had started to look a little rough, so here’s what I did!  
Figure out what tabs are most important.  These files I’m keeping next to the desk.  We refer to these the most.

Use folders to create sub-tabs.

Don’t forget about tax season!  Keep those receipts! As a dance instructor, I’m a 1099 employee.  I NEEEED to keep receipts from my work expenses.

Write all over them if you need to.  Remember, do what works for you!

As for our VERY important info, we keep that in our emergency binder ready to go if need be.  Everything else can be found in our (neatly reorganized) files now!


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