31 Days to an Organized Home: It’s Sys-to-matic!

Making a System

A large part of organizing is creating a system that works for you.  How ever you think it should flow, do it.  It doesn’t have to make sense, it just has to work.  If it doesn’t work for you, it won’t stay organized.
Here’s what I did for the “LM Cabinet” in our kitchen.
First, pull everything out.  
This gives you the opportunity to take out items that don’t need to be there, can go elsewhere, etc.
I took all of the old nipples that are too slow now and put them where we store all of the things LM has grown out of.  Also, the Baby Bullet was taking up A LOT of space, so I put it with all of our other appliances. 
Then place everything back in places you think it should go.
All done!  For me, it mades sense to keep the things we use the most in the front.  I like to separate the bottle parts, I don’t know why, just do! Items he doesn’t use yet go in the back.
And don’t forget the labels!

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