31 Days to an Organized Home: Get on a Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning Schedule

I was so reluctant to put one of these up in our house because it would mean being accountable.  UGH… But as I browsed Pinterest I kept seeing about 500,000 cleaning schedule pins.  I got the hint so I put on my big girl panties and did it.   I found the one that I thought worked the best for me, adjusted it to fit our household needs, and put it up!  
Place it in a frame and it works just like a dry erase board.  If you have extra helping hands in your house, place it next to a chore chart!

I feel like the house is cleaner and I’m less stressed!  *NODrama y’all!*  Also, I think it helps my husband that I’m less stressed.
You’ll notice that it hasn’t quite been checked off as much as it should be but I made a good start.  We had a very busy week and I wasn’t home as much as I usually am but I’m feeling good about next week!
Here are a few schedules I found.  Print out the one that works for you!
full size image HERE

image HERE
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Happy Organizing!

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