31 Days to an Organized Home: The Amazing Magazine Rack

Scroll down for tutorial!

5 New Uses for Magazine Racks & Files


Get control of those soup cans!  Just make sure it’s wide enough!

Store pot and pan lids.  This frees up so much space!  I know whenever I reach into the cabinet, I’m met with clanging from all the pots and pans and lids and just about everything else!
Free up drawer space and store your hair styling tools.  This also makes your cabinets even more useful!
This has to be one of my favorites!  Stick a few under a shelf and you have mail slots!
Unclutter those drawers!  
After seeing all of these (on Pinterest, of course!) I went looking for a few.  But in true NODrama fashion, I thought I would DIY instead!  These can be made of old cardboard mailers, cereal boxes, etc.  I’m going with cereal.

Happy Organizing!


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