Saw It, PINNED It, Tried It: The Sharpie Mug

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You can go now if you like…I’ll wait…no really go, I’ll wait….
Wasn’t that AWESOME?! 
Now onto the DIYing!
Recently I joined a mug swap and I have to say that it may have been one of my favorites!  I was given Jessica over at The Thriftiness Miss.  I thought her style was clean, simple, and feminine and I decided to reflect that in her mug.  I found this super cute and dainty mug and, you know me, I had to DIY it!

I used the tutorial over at A Beautiful Mess as my guide.

Be sure to hand wash only to preserve the design!
I hope she loves it!  I almost didn’t want to send it cuz I loved it so much.  However, seeing as I am not The Thriftiness Miss, I had no reason to keep it.  šŸ™‚

Stay tuned, the reveal link up is soon and I’ll show you what I got!
PS: you may have (or maybe not) noticed that there is no link up.  Sadly the link up was a bit of a flop so I’m forgoing it for awhile.  I may do a completely different linkup on a different day…we shall see! 


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