Saw It, PINNED It, Tried It: Scalloped Nail Art

It’s been quite the morning…Frosting cupcakes, cranky baby, Pinterest!
But now the cupcakes are on their way to the bake sale (Thanks, Hubster!), LM is napping, and…well, I realized this morning that I hadn’t really done anything from Pinterest this week!  I know, what happened?  Well, as my friend, Simple Mum, and I say…”that parenting thing” happened.
But at the same time….just because I didn’t try a DIY doesn’t mean I didn’t do anything from Pinterest.  Hello! There’s food and beauty and, well you know…EVERYTHING! So today I’m going to share some nail art I tried.
Every time I open Pinterest, there are tons of nail art photos.  They’re so pretty but they look awfully difficult.  Recently I saw one that I thought I could tackle.  I have to say that I’m pretty pleased with the outcome!
Aren’t her nails gorgeous?!

It’s seriously as easy as it looks.  It may not look exactly like the pic but it was my first try…I’m happy!  My best tip would be that less is more.  Put as little polish on the brush at first when you go to do the scallops.  You can always add another coat. 

Give it a try!
Happy Friday!
Source: joybx.com via Kelly on Pinterest


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