Makeover Monday: Home Beauty Tips

I feel like it’s been forever since I did a Makeover Monday post.  Tell you the truth, it probably has!
Recently I was watching a random local show and they were featuring some unique beauty tips that are inexpensive and pretty unconventional.  So I decided that this would make for a great post and got to trying a few!  So here are a few I’ve tried plus one that’s been circling the blogoshpere that is a MUST TRY!
Post-it Note Eyeliner

This is one of the best things I’ve learned! I love makeup and I’m always playing with different ways to do my eyes.  I’m loving winged tip these days but since I’m no professional, I had no idea how to get a good clean line without looking like someone punched me in the eye.  UNTIL NOW!  Grab a post it note and stick it on your face! No really, do it!
Place the sticky note right at the corner, at a good angle, and start drawing your line out from the lashline. What makes this trick work is that the note provides a straight edge while also working like painter’s tape!  I think that a shadow liner works best for this.
Added bonus tip?  After lining your eye, hold the note on your lid while you apply mascara.  NO little mascara smudges on your lids!
The Olive Oil Shave

Let’s just say this kind of grossed me out when I read about this one…but I quickly got over it!  Dip your razor in olive oil before you shave for a smoother result.  It seriously feels like you’ve already put lotion on when you’re done.  
Bonus! Helps prevent the razor from rusting!

YES!  This is so cool!  I was pretty skeptical but this actually works.  You know how they spray your mani-pedi with that finishing spray at the nail salon? PSH…go to the kitchen instead.  Pam works just as well.  When you’re just about dry, spray a coat of cooking spray to prevent sticking.  Be sure to rinse off your hands after because it is a little greasy.  (oh! and spray over the sink…I forgot to do that and the floor is a bit slippery!)
The Coconut Oil Craze!

I’ll be short and sweet here…Coconut Oil, do it!  
Saturate your hair in this yummy smelling wonder and relax for a hour.  Rinse it out (be sure you get it ALL out) then shampoo and condition as you normally would.  You’re left with silky smooth hair!
What crazy beauty tips have you tried and loved?  I wanna know so I can try them too!


  • Jelli

    I've seen the post-it trick using Scotch tape recently. What a great idea! I'll bet the relaxed "sticky" on the post-its feels better peeling off your face. My latest beauty trick is to dab a bit of moisturizer on the back of my hand with a shake of Bare Minerals (or similar). Blend it together to make a fabulous concealer!

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