Kitchen Command Center (and Freebies!)

I like to be organized…this is no surprise I’m sure!  Dry erase boards, calendars, planners…I could live in the office section of Target.  (or Walmart, all of Office Depot/Staples…you get it!)  
The Daily System from Pottery Barn is my dream office!
Look how pretty!
So I’ve started my own little project in the kitchen.
All of this cost me a total of $3.  I had all of these materials already I only needed to frames.  (Thank you, Goodwill!)
For the dry erase board, all you need is a frame.  Place some scrapbook paper behind the glass and you’re all done!
Here’s my chalkboard…
I drew the spoon and quote. šŸ™‚
And a print for good measure!  
Click HERE for print
Getting there! Now I need to make a calendar.  I think I’m going to do one like THIS.
And here’s the spoon I made!
Click HERE for download
Happy organizing!


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