Workin’ on my Fitness (and the importance of mommy friends)

This past Tuesday a group of us mommies went to a local mall to try out a “Mommy Boot Camp”.
Oh Lordy, I still hurt!
Could be because I haven’t worked out like that in a hot minute…
Could be because I had a 20lb baby that wouldn’t let me put him in the stroller…
Either way, it feels good to be getting back into some sort of routine.
Also, it was nice not to be alone.  As SAHMs we tend to, as the job title suggests, stay home.  We don’t get out much but we do it out of love for our little ones.  It is so relieving to talk with other moms about what we’re going through, experiences, pediatricians, you name it!  
After class we went to “replenish” our bodies post workout.  I won’t say where we went….
Don’t judge!
We had a great time laughing about silly things the men in our life do now that they’re daddies, stories from our past, and I’m sure we talked about poop at some point or another.  If you’re a mom, it is inevitable, you WILL talk about poop more than you ever have before.
It was fun getting to know one another outside Gymboree class!
So, if you’re a SAHM and don’t have a place to go or don’t know where to connect, look up some local mommies groups.  There are a lot of free opportunities out there.  This “Mommy Boot Camp” is one of them! Just go…you’re not really alone since you’ll be with your little one. In our little group, none of us knew each other before Gymboree.  We come from all walks of life and have a great time.  
Not feeling that out going yet?  Do what I did. Start a blog and start connecting.  This was the best way for me to start filling my time and connecting with the outside world again.  
Becoming a SAHM for the first time can be a scary and lonely place at times.  But you’re not alone!  There is a whole community you didn’t know existed when you didn’t have a wee one.  
And this is how I spent the rest of the day:
Bless his heart, I made him hang out with only girls ALL day!


  • Valerie

    that sounds like so much fun! I currently live in a small town, which i dont think there are any mommy groups around here. I should have done it though when my son was younger & we lived in a big city, I always felt trapped in my home. What a great post!

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