Traveling With Your Wee One

Traveling, period, can be kinda stressful.  Now let’s turn up the fun and add a 2 month old!  This is what I did earlier this month!  My mom and I met my grandfather in Kentucky to visit my great-grandmother.  We are so blessed to have had this opportunity to take a 5 GENERATIONS picture!  Now….here’s a look behind the scenes…


Some highlights from our trip:

  • Blowout in a restaurant
  • Screaming baby and no exit or rest area in sight
  • LOOOONG stop at a McDonald’s because we were done with the car seat
  • Spit up….Spit up….Spit up
  • A changing table that came up to my chest

This last one made me feel ridiculous and leads me to my first tip…

**These tips can be applied to car or plane travel but I only have experience in car travel so far!**

  • Don’t travel alone (if you can help it) — the more help you have, the better!  More pairs of hands to change, soothe, feed, and most importantly DRIVE.  However, if you are traveling as the solo adult, just take your time and BREATHE.
  • Be Prepared — If you take anything away from this post, let this be it!  Nothing will help more than having everything you need and then some.  Make sure you pack enough prepared bottles (ie: water and formula measured and ready to shake and feed) for every 3 hours you’re on the road.  Even if your little one is going longer than 3 hours at a time, you never know.  Traveling throws their world for a loop and now, yours too!
  • Be flexible — This is just barely second to being prepared. A baby is a baby!  While you’re traveling, throw your schedule out the window.  Be ready for frequent stops, long stops, or a mix of the two! 
  • Pack for convenience — The less you have to scramble and fuss with things the better.  My best example is for bottle cleaning.  I have a WONDERFUL microwave sterilizer that makes cleaning bottles a breeze.  However, it’s bulky and not every hotel room has a microwave.  SO, I bought a travel sized dish and bottle soap to use in the sink.


a LOOOOONG rest area stop šŸ™‚


Now for the packing!!

  • 2/3 receiving blankets per day
  • 6 diapers per day (plus more for the diaper bag)
  • extra shirts for you in case of baby explosions (from the top or bottom)
  • one outfit + extra onesie or shirt per day packed in large, gallon size Ziploc baggies *This eliminates looking for a matching, not to mention itty bitty, sock.  Also, the baggies help with the disposal of stinkies!
  • Comforts of home — This helps calm the wee one.  When everything they know is now gone, having something from home they are used to really helps.  I brought my son’s sound soother giraffe that he falls asleep to every night.
  • Pack-N-Play — If you don’t have one, or a travel sleeper of some kind, check with the hotel to see what they provide.  **Make sure to check to see if the hotel’s equipment has been recalled.  If so, you can prepare as needed. **
  • Extra empty bottles — Keeps you from washing after every meal!
  • PLENTY of formula — I recommend bringing a whole tub.  You never know if you’re going to spill it, baby doesn’t want it, or baby wants more, more, more!

sleeping with Mr. Giraffe (has a velcro strap so you can attach it anywhere! AWESOME!)

Here are some of my favorite products for baby travel:

A. formula/snack travel cup and Enfamil “on-the-go” packets B. Munchkin pacifier wipes C. BabyGanics travel dish and bottle soap


OH!  And here’s our picture! 2 mons old to 97 yrs old!

Great sites to check out for traveling with children:




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